Strategy is about choices.

Choices are about resources.

Are your resources focused on what matters?

Stratex Solutions transforms organizations by focusing people and scarce resources on what really matters.  

Strategic planning, innovation and continuous improvement are imperatives for all organizations.  But the to-list is longer than your available resources.

Stratex aligns the entire organization by connecting strategy and execution through state of the art software and services to make sure what needs doing actually gets done.


Peak is the core Stratex software that uses a best in class planning framework, to help you develop, manage, track and execute a successful plan.

Strategic Planning

Experts help you develop and/or improve your plan, and then use Peak to help you achieve your goals. 


For Baldrige or Performance Excellence based organizations, Apex is the only on-line tool for Baldrige or Performance Excellence applications and examiner software.  


Customized assessment tools accurately determine exactly what the situation is.  

Stratex 2018 Year in Review!

2018 was a busy year for us with more clients, partnerships with new organizations, and development of new products.

In 2018 we launched the first technology solution for the Baldrige Award process in Florida and Ohio. This solution assesses organizational performance, applies to the state award program and supports the examination team's full process.  New states are being added now!

2019 will see the launch of Peak Accelerator, the most innovative technology based strategic planning offering ever offered. Looking forward to an exciting 2019!

Transforming your business starting with Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging your delivery partners and stakeholders in your strategic planning process should go well beyond a one-time conversation at the front end of plan development. Learn how one organization has transformed their stakeholder relationships through involving them in the problem solving stake of strategic plan implementation.