Don't just plan. Deliver.

The Right Strategy

A good strategy is just the start.  If you don't have one, Stratex experts will work with you to get a great one.

All documents in one place

Stratex puts all files in one simple to access place.  No more 3 ring binders or frustrating searching for files.  Plans can be updated and communicated in minutes rather than days. 

Focus and Alignment

What gets measured, gets done.  The Stratex Solution pushes key activities out into the organization with timelines and progress reports so that everyone knows exactly what they need to do.

Execution and Governance

Dashboards and tracking tools to monitor and evaluate progress.  Quickly adjust resources and priorities so that results are delivered.


 All the pieces come together.  Employee engagement goes up since the number one driver of engagement is knowing what you do at work matters.  

Your Strategy.


Stratex delivers strong value

Prior to Stratex our plan was managed utilizing spreadsheets, datasheets, word documents, etc. With  Stratex we have streamlined the process from our 5-year SWOT and goal setting to short term action items. Plan time management has been cut by up to 75%, especially during the initial planning stages and ongoing annual planning.  I can’t imagine having to manage our plan again without Stratex!



Corporate Performance Officer, Midwest Transplant Networks

“It’s been a joy to work with Raina Knox and Courtney Cole, co-founders of Stratex Solutions, LLC, to learn about their innovative strategic planning software.  Raina has been a consummate professional in all of her dealings with us, and we appreciate her skillful and patient instructions on using their product to maximum advantage.  I personally believe that Stratex Solutions has produced a versatile and highly effective tool for strategic planning that will be of great benefit to governments throughout the country.”


Ellen Belzer

Organizational Development Manager

City of Kansas City, Missouri

How it works

Strategic Planning

If you have a completed strategic plan, we just load that into the tool and you're good to go. Or, we can help you develop your plan, or improve the one you have. We're flexible like that.



We got 'em.  They're central to the ease of the system.  You set up dashboards to measure the things you want to measure.  Customize dashboards by level, by group, by team, whatever works for you.


Don't know where you're at? Stratex offers customized assessments that help you figure out where you're at.  Assessments are a mandatory step for strategic planning or compliance work.



In a typical organization only 15% of employees can name one critical strategic goal, and only half of that 15% are committed to acting and delivering on that goal.  Stratex communication tools and dashboards improve employee alignment so everyone is working on what they should be working on!


The foundation of all that is Stratex Solutions. Built on a best in class strategic planning framework (The Baldrige Criteria if you really want to know) the software tool offers best in class functionality.


Focused Execution

Everyone knows what the plan is, and what their role is in delivering the plan. How refreshing would that be - to know how you and your company is doing in real time?

One Destination

Everything you need to plan, monitor, govern, your plan in one place.  All relevant files are in one place and can be attached to as many initiatives as you'd like - never waste time searching for a file again.


Engaged Teams

One of the highest contributors to employee satisfaction is knowing that what they do has an impact. When your team knows that they're working on the right thing, and can track that progress in real time, good things happen.