Bring your strategy to life

Software and services that focus your organization on what matters

Strategic planning, innovation and continuous improvement are imperatives for all organizations.  

You don't have the resources to attack half your issues or opportunities to improve, because there are too many  problems that need solving each and every day.  

How do you get focused on what matters, or even decide what will move the needle?

Stratex Solutions transforms organizations by focusing strategies and scarce resources on initiatives that matter.  Strategy and execution software aligns the organization by connecting strategy and execution to make sure what needs doing actually gets done using best in class technology based tools. 

Software and professional services to drive your transformation

Strategic Planning

We help you develop your plan, improve the one you have, or simply load your existing plan into the software and help you start achieving your goals. 


Built on a best in class strategic planning framework, the tool delivers easy to use functionality for developing, managing, tracking and executing a successful plan.


Our customized assessment tools helps you determine exactly what the situation is.  Assessments are critical for successful strategic planning or compliance work.


Performance Excellence on line application tool and examiner software.  We make it easy for everyone.


Your Stratex team will have dedicated senior executives with deep experience involved in the day to day work on your business.  Experience matters. 

Transforming your business starting with Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging your delivery partners and stakeholders in your strategic planning process should go well beyond a one-time conversation at the front end of plan development. Learn how one organization has transformed their stakeholder relationships through involving them in the problem solving stake of strategic plan implementation.

Stratex delivers

Prior to Stratex our plan was managed utilizing spreadsheets, datasheets, word documents, etc. With  Stratex we have streamlined the process from our 5-year SWOT and goal setting to short term action items. Plan time management has been cut by up to 75%, especially during the initial planning stages and ongoing annual planning.  I can’t imagine having to manage our plan again without Stratex!

Tina Kirsch

Corporate Performance Officer, Midwest Transplant Networks

“It’s been a joy to work with Raina Knox and Courtney Cole, co-founders of Stratex Solutions, LLC, to learn about their innovative strategic planning software.  Raina has been a consummate professional in all of her dealings with us, and we appreciate her skillful and patient instructions on using their product to maximum advantage.  I personally believe that Stratex Solutions has produced a versatile and highly effective tool for strategic planning that will be of great benefit to governments throughout the country.”


Ellen Belzer

Organizational Development Manager

City of Kansas City, Missouri

We are very excited to continue implement Stratex. We used the Stratex framework already to develop the City's most recent update to the five-year Citywide Business Plan. Stratex will provide further accountability to delivery of city programs and goals as adopted by the City Council. We will also begin using Stratex as a framework for the KCStat meetings with the Mayor and the City Manager. Kansas City is already regarded as a municipal leader in strategic planning and performance management. Stratex will provide that next tool in the box to further enhance what is already a national model.

 Scott M. Huizenga, Budget Manager, KCMO