Experience Counts

Dr. Raina Knox

CEO. Co-Founder.

Raina earned her Doctorate of Organizational Leadership and Information Systems Technology.  Learned strategy at Sprint and as President of the Excellence in Missouri Foundation which is a group dedicated to delivering state of the art strategic planning and execution.  Pretty much zero chance you can find anyone with more expertise in the strategic planning space.


Courtney Cole

CTO. Co-Founder.

Courtney has spent the last twenty-five year building secure, highly scalable, user friendly custom business solutions for Fortune 100 companies including Sprint, Target, Microsoft and the Indiana Pacers.  The Stratex Solution is a culmination of that passion and experience.  

Courtney Profile Pic

JoLinda Vega

Business Development Executive

A dynamic leader with a consultative approach to understanding the clients's business strategy and technology-based needs with an innovative style.  During her professional career, responsibilities included Business Development, Sales and Marketing, and Information Technology.  She leads a 501c organization focused on raising funds  to support cardiac rehabilitation.  


Dan Stifter


Dan spent his career (so far) as a product and general management executive at Coca-Cola and Hallmark.  He knows all 7 of the secret ingredients in Coca-Cola and thanks to Hallmark and their extensive partnership with Disney, can name all 10 Disney Princesses.  He teaches leadership and strategy at the MBA level and is on the Board of Outreach International, a non-profit dedicated to eradicating poverty globally.

Stifter B&W Headshot