Assessments are a tool used to collect valuable information regarding organizational performance and stakeholder satisfaction, needs, and requirements.  

They are valuable as inputs into the development of new strategic plans or to check the progress of current plans.

We work with you to evaluate the best approach for gathering the specific information needed to support fact based decision making.  Assessments ensure the organization is developing and deploying sound, balanced and systematic approaches and meeting specific goals and objectives.


  • Identify successes and opportunities for improvement
  • Jump start a change initiative
  • Energize improvement initiatives
  • Energize the workforce
  • Focus your organization on common goals
  • Assess performance against the competition 
  • Align resources with strategic objectives

Types of Assessments

  • Customer Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Employee Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Determining Stakeholder Needs and Requirements
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Baseline Performance
  • Baldrige and EFQM Assessments at all performance levels.