Baldrige is a state of the art approach to strategic planning.  

Baldrige, or the National Quality program utilized by AHCA which is based on Baldrige, both deliver outstanding results.

Our suite of technology tools and services empowers organizations to realize their goals by fully integrating their leadership system, strategic planning approaches, engagement with customers, employees, and stakeholders, and measurement of outcomes.

  • Connect the Leadership system to organizational planning and execution.
  • Enable directional transparency.
  • Integrate employees into strategic development and delivery.
  • Ensure linkage between customers, plans, employees, processes and outcomes.
  • Makes strategic planning attainable - connects planning with tactical activities.
  • Systematize performance improvement initiatives through technology tools.
  • Online state level Baldrige Application available in some areas, ask us about your state!

Strategy   Igniter

Strategic plan development and execution.

Best practice coaching.

Cloud based tools to guide organizations through a disciplined strategic plan development, management, execution, and governance.

Full Lifecycle plan development - "Strategy in a box"  

Strategic Executer

Workflow based software tools.


Goals and objectives managed down to the individual action level.

Balanced scorecard.

Project management and resource tracking

Leadership governance reporting. 

Strategy Evaluator

Evaluate performance


Baseline and ongoing assessments, results captured and shared in the cloud.  Can be the predecessor to Baldrige application.

Customer and employee engagement, Baldrige assessments, innovation assessments.

Strategy   Innovator

Systems based innovation  approach 


Targeted identification and execution of innovation based on strategic imperatives.


Strategy Storyteller

Engage Stakeholders


Conduct virtual focus groups, online conversations, test improvements with scaled surveys to collect stories and capture the narrative. 

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