Software that delivers your strategy

Secure. Reliable.

Before we get to the good stuff, everyone knows that security and reliability are mandatory.
Built with Microsoft Azure, Stratex delivers state of the art security.  Your data is secure, and backed up every 15 minutes.  You will never lose your data or be have to learn about ransomware.  
It's seamless.  Stratex works flawlessly on any device, any browser, and on any platform.
Successful execution requires all hands on deck.  Stratex software is sold at a single price that isn't linked to the number of users so you never have to make a financial choice about who has access and who doesn't.  Successful strategy requires that everyone be on the same page, so everyone needs access to the tool set.  
Stratex software is built on the Malcolm Baldrige criteria.  If you're a Baldrige fan, that means that the structure and flow of this tool will be a thing of beauty for you.
If you know nothing about Baldrige, that means the structure and flow of this tool will be a thing of beauty for you.  Regardless of the pedigree, this is a state of the art strategic planning framework.
The screen captures below (taken directly from the tool) are an example of some of the capabilities, both strategic and tactical, available in the Stratex Solution.

Strategic Tools

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 12.36.10 PM


Dashboards are critical tools for managing and communicating.  Stratex software offers complete flexibility in defining what you want on your dashboard, and your organization can have multiple dashboards for different levels, groups, and initiatives.

Project Management

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 12.33.22 PM

Outstanding execution of your strategic imperatives is where Stratex shines.  This is the "secret sauce" that makes stellar results obtainable.

The tools build alignment throughout your organization and puts strategy work into daily work processes and routines.

Your teams don't get lost in details and daily distractions; they know what is critical to accomplish and where they stand on delivering on their strategies and objectives.