Stratex software is built on the Malcolm Baldrige criteria.  If you're a Baldrige fan, that means that the structure and flow of this tool will be seamless with the work you're doing.
If you know nothing about Baldrige, that's fine.  The name doesn't matter, the state of the art planning framework that delivers the results you need does.
Built with Microsoft Azure, Stratex delivers state of the art security.  Your data is secure, and backed up every 15 minutes.  You you will never lose data or worry about ransomware.  
It's seamless.  Stratex works flawlessly on any device, with most mainstream browsers.

Peak Core Software

Goals and objectives managed at an individual action level.

Single repository for all files and artifacts.

Balanced scorecard.

Project management and resource tracking

Leadership governance reporting. 


  • Customer and employee engagement
  • Baseline and ongoing assessments
  • Performance Excellence and Baldrige assessments
  • Innovation assessments.
Results captured and shared in the cloud.  Can be the predecessor to a Performance Excellence or Baldrige application.


Apex - Application and Examiner Software

The first, and so far only, online application tool for Performance Excellence and Baldrige Applications.  

Cloud based, easy to use and collaborate

Examiner software available for Baldrige in multiple states, ask us about yours.